Wheat Straw

Wheat Straw is an agricultural by-product, the dry stalks of wheat plants, after the grain and chaff have been removed. It is fed as part of the fiber component of the diet to cattle or horses that are on a near maintenance level of energy requirement. It has a low digestible energy and nutrient content.

Licking Salt

AL-MUSTAFA TRADERS Salt licks are the perfect salt nutrition and mineral supplement for for animals and cattle including horses, cows, buffaloes, sheep, camels, home and farm pets. Cattle require salt every day for osmotic pressure maintenance, acid-base balance, body-fluid balance, nerve transmission and active transport of amino acids, as well as cellular uptake of glucose carrier protein, and Sodium, as part of salt, provides the majority of alkaline reserve in plasma.


Molasses is a sticky dark by-product of processing sugar cane or sugar beets into sugar for deficiency corrector, stimulate appetite and higher milk revenues in castles, sheep and goats. AL-MUSTAFA Molasses with mineral, protein, sugar as its main ingredients can be a source of quick energy and an excellent source of minerals for farm animals. Supplementing poor quality hay with molasses will increase feed intake and improve palatability.

Wheat Bran

AL-MUSTAFA TRADERS Wheat bran is suitable for livestock feeding and very palatable to most classes of animals . Wheat bran is a bulky feed that can be used to lighten dense, heavy feed mixtures. It can be readily incorporated into mashes. Wheat Bran is a byproduct generated while extracting flour from the Wheat Grain. It consists of the outer layers (cuticle, pericarp and seedcoat) combined with small amounts of starchy endosperm of the wheat kernel.

Rice Husk

AL-MUSTAFA TRADERS is also a dealer of Rice husk used for livestock feeding  Rice husk is the dry outer covering of rice grain, which is always removed during the milling of rice. The by-product (rice husk) is produced in abundance because rice is the staple food of Pakistani society. Rice husk as an alternative feed ingredient has a nutrient content of  water,  crude protein,  nitrogen extract (BETN) material, crude fiber,  fat and  ash with low digestibility.